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Press Releases for Government:


Anatoliy Golod, Donald Trump: riddle is solved making good world. GUIDES: good ways

The GUIDES sent information for elections result few months before elections, few days before elections, even few days after elections message was sent to senators, journalists in all states in USA (that electors have confirmed good result).
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Super Agents: Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton? Anatoliy Golod, Good Guides Plan Good World

The news "Who is managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Reposting this news, you can help improve the world" was published few mounths before elections on many news resourses
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Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Anatoliy Golod Are Going To Produce Good World

Making good situations, good relations in the world General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES, General director, creator: Anatoliy Golod, has diploma with honors, Ph.D.) has done scientific plus PR job to help to make good reputation for Russia, also to make Donald Trump President in USA.
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PM Modi meets economists, top govt officials today; budget, demonetization key issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek views of experts and review economy with NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) today 27 December 2016, against the backdrop of currency crisis post demonetization and converse ways to speed up growth, the media report said.
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Arkansas Surgical Hospital Ranked Nationally for Lowest Readmission Rates

Becker’s Hospital Review has recognized Arkansas Surgical Hospital as one of 36 U.S. hospitals with the lowest readmission rates for patients who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries.
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BSP Chief Mayawati on Mission 2017

The foundation of progressive Uttar Pradesh is established by the Bahujan Samaj Party Head Mayawati Ji, under her regime the foundation came into existence which consequently gave an affluent Uttar Pradesh to us.
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