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About is a free press release distribution service that was launched in December 2010. We have a multi-channel distribution network that will maximize your press release’s readership by exposing them to consumers, websites, journalists, editors, and bloggers. We also have teamed up with leading news sources and agencies that will publish your press releases in their websites and other media. supports your business, whether small start-up enterprises to large multi-million dollar corporations, in your marketing efforts and brand awareness strategies. We will help you increase visibility and Web ranking through search engine optimization to improve visibility, traffic, and sales.


Unlike many press release distribution services that haphazardly publish press releases without even check them out, cares about your corporate image. Press releases say a lot about how your company looks in the public eye, so we scrutinize your articles carefully before publication. Your articles go through a thorough editorial process within 24 hours after submission to ensure they are error-free, clear, and concise.


Our Mission


We aim to assist you in distributing, publishing, and announcing your company’s newsworthy events such as new product or service launchings, appointment of new executives, stock market status, new investments, and other important happenings through our website and through leading news agencies.


We also strive to improve your online presence and increase your Internet visibility through proven search engine optimization techniques such as backlinking and social media networking.


Furthermore, we also help maintain and enhance your credibility by ensuring that your press releases are free of spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors and are up to publishing standards. Most importantly, we make sure that your articles are presented in an informative, non-advertising tone.


Journalists, reporters, and editors can also use our website to find the latest business news. We aim to provide media personnel with lots of newsworthy articles for their reports, which are then published in their respective papers, news agencies, and websites.


What Makes us Tick allows you to publish newsworthy press releases in our website where journalists, reporters, consumers, and investors can read it. This exposes your business to a lot of people, which can mean better promotion, leading to greater profit and corporate growth. Most of the press releases in this website are directly submitted by companies. also allows you to add your company logo to each news release. The logo can then be linked to your site. Thus, viewers can immediately find your site by simply clicking on the logo instead of using a search engine to look for it in the Web.


We also employ editors who visit sites from blue-chip companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft as well as other newsrooms. If you find one of your press releases here and you did not submit them to one of our editors, then maybe we found your article in another newsroom. We may have found it interesting and published it in our newsroom at no cost to you—that is a great bonus! is also aware that the number one press release killer is press release spam. Journalists, reporters, and editors are not interested in PR spam, which is abusing press releases to bluntly advertise products and services. does not accept such submissions. We understand that news agencies, consumers, and investors are interested and exciting company news announcements. Therefore, they do not care about blatant business advertising. is committed to provide users with only top-quality articles. Thus, we will not publish articles and stories that we deem sub-standard and unsuitable such as promotion of hatred, violence, racism, sexually explicit information, or pornography. Neither do we publish releases that are written to bring harm or damage to a third party.