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Want to become an advertiser? has has an established alexa ranking of Global rank icon 156,766 globally and India Flag 18,789 in India where the majority of our clients comes from. has also successfully established a good ranking in the USA, UK, Pakistan, UAE and many other countries after just one month in operation. Today 6 years later, that ranking is still growing!

Our page view average per month is above 30.000 page views and 6.000 page sessions. The average visitor is male and access the site from his work place spending about 12 minutes per session on the site. Page views average are 6 minutes long. our bounce rate is below 30% and our new to repeated customer ration is well balanced - which makes us your ideal advertising partner.

We offer fix price settings on our advertisement space, locations are as follows :


  • 160 x 600 Skyscrapers (left panel all pages)
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboards (Header, Index Page body and New Page Body)


Space rent Rates are as follows:


  • 160 x 600 Skyscrapers ( visible on left panel on all pages) - US$ 150,- per month
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard (visible in the header on all pages) - US$ 200,- per month
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard ( visible in the body of the index/home page only) - US$ 30,- per week or US$ 100,- per month
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard (visible in the body of each content page aka all PRs but not in index) - US$ 100,- per month


We can also assist you with the creation of a banner advert for you - simple image banner cost is US$ 30 and US$ 50 for a .gif animation. If you take our “exclusivity deals” we will create those banners FREE of charge.
Once your campaign started we will send you a link so you can follow the traffic on the pages your banners are published.


Monthly Exclusivity Deal
Get your banners on all pages exclusively for 30 days for US$500 (all banners will made by us for FREE).


Annual Exclusivity Deal
Get your banners on all pages exclusively for 365 days for US$5,000 (all banners will made by us for FREE and renewed 3 times during the year).

Secure your prepaid advertising space on one of the fastest growing news syndication pages in the Net by contacting us at


We are looking forward to your business!


P.S. Please check out the DatSyn syndication tool – we turn your PR into a video/podcast so you can buy it for your YouTube channel for US$5.