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freeBusinessWire Copyright Notice


You can get your press releases published on for free at the following terms:


(a) for Non-Commercial Use


Press releases may be copied or printed by other individuals for his/her own personal use or may be re-distributed to one’s friends and colleagues for non-commercial purposes. There are no charges. No more than 10 press releases can be used such in a 24 hour period.


(b) for Commercial Use


Press releases are available under the terms of service and subject to following conditions:


(i) Can be adapted to report a news story;


(ii) Must not be altered if redistributed as a press release or a news release;


(iii) For Internet use, please link back to the original press release on For other media, please acknowledge;


(iv) No more than 10 press releases are used in a 24-hour period; and


(v) Logos shown in a press release must 1) be used in the context of the press release only and 2) not be used alone.


There are no charges if used as per the above terms and conditions. Any other commercial use requires prior written approval.


You are free to link to press release(s) or any other page(s) on You are permitted to show a small text clip about the page you are linking to. RSS/XML/JS/HTML Feeds


You can display one news feed per page in your website.


You can display up to three news feeds on a given page if the feeds are cached by you and not accessed more than once per feed per hour from our server. Non-PR Content


Any content on that is not a press release, for example but not limited to home page, website navigation, or website design and functionality, are copyrighted and may not be copied or redistributed without explicit written permission from


FreeBusinessWire Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy


The copyright infringement and DMCA policy can be found in the Terms of Service page.